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Hotels Are Ready To Pay Performing Rights

Jakarta, November 7, 2016 – After a long discussion between LMKN/LMK and PHRI, finally PHRI agreed to pay for Performing Right through a memorandum of understanding (MoU). One of the goals of PHRI’s 1st National Meeting in Westin Hotel Nusa Dua Bali was to solve the Copyright issues between PHRI and LMKN/LMK under Article 89 regulation number 28 of 2014 about Copyright (Copyright Law).

In search for an agreement between PHRI and LMKN/LMK, it is important to have the same understanding of the scope and rules (both the laws and also the facts on the fields), including the condition of hospitality business throughout Indonesia.

The MoU was made as a reference for the Indonesian Hotel Industry and for PHRI’s members in Indonesia to implement the law of Copyright, Article 89 regulation number 28 of 2014. This MoU was also made to replace the decree by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia No. HKI.2.OT.03.01-02 year 2016 about Royalty Tariff of Performing Right for Hotels.

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