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In April 2017, WAMI has distributed royalties for publishing rights on digital services. Beginning in 2017, WAMI is scheduled to distribute royalties on digital services twice per year, in addition to the distribution of general royalties conducted annually. In addition to digital and general distribution, WAMI also schedules to distribute royalties for music concerts and performances that use music, with a frequency of three times per year. With the distribution pattern that began in 2017, the distribution of general royalties covers all uses of music in addition to digital services and concerts / performances.

Distribution of digital royalties in April 2017 is obtained from iTunes services (2013-2015 period) and SonyJive. The total amount of royalties distributed to WAMI’s member composers and music publishers amounts to approximately Rp. 1.2 Billion. For information, iTunes service is a digital service for downloading music (music download) developed by Apple. SonyJive is a music download service developed by Sony Music Entertainment in collaboration with Sony Ericsson mobile phones. The distribution of these two service providers is processed by WAMI based on a report on the use of music works provided by Apple Inc. And Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia. The distribution of royalties based on reports of the use of this musical work is a WAMI effort to uphold the principle of fair and transparent to the owners of the work.

The scheduled distribution of royalties which will be subsequently executed by WAMI is in June 2017 for concert / performance usage, in July 2017 for general use, and October 2017 for digital use.


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