Q : Why does user have to pay royalty?

A : The Royalty is the composer’s economic rights which protected by the law.

Q : How does WAMI monitor the songs usage ?

A : There are several ways to do it, such as :

  1. Users may report their song usage in 1 year.
  2. WAMI may create a sample of songs usage for multiple users track that able to represent similiar business.
  3. WAMI can cooperate with a third party to monitor the songs usage in some places that pay royalty to WAMI.

Q : I already bought the record, why i do i have to pay again ?

A : If you are listening it for yourself, then you don’t have to pay.But if you are announcing the songs in public or commercial places, then you must pay the royalty in accordance with the license.

Q : If i held concert where the band plays their own songs, do i still need to pay ?

A : We will ask the events organizer to manage the license.

Q : What is the basis on determining the royalty rates ?

A : Currently, WAMI is referring to the International rate.

Q : What do i get from paying the royalty to WAMI ?

A : You are not only allowed to announce the songs in accordance with the license for a certain period of time, but also protected for claims (if there’s any) from the composers who are managed by WAMI.

Q : When will WAMI distribute the royalty?

A : The royalty will be distribute every once in a year to the composer and music publishers that are managed by WAMI.

Q : How much money does WAMI receive?

A : WAMI does not take any since it is a non-profit organization. WAMI will only deduct 25% from the royalty collection and then distribute the royalty to the copyright holder.

Q : Does WAMI have the legal right to collect the money?

A : Yes, we have and it is already stated under Indonesia’s law number 28,2014 about copyright.

Q : Why do i have to be responsible for paying royalty? I already have other responsibilities on running my own business?

A : We have to appreciate the composers hard work because when you announce their songs, it gives more value for your business opreation.

Q : What happens if i don’t want to pay?

A : If you don’t want to pay then don’t announce the songs in public places, or else we will bring this case forward to the court.

Q : What if i have further questions?

A : Please contact us directly through phone or send an e-mail.