Q : What is the general definition of royalty?

A : Royalty is a sum of money that belongs the composer of copyright holder for the use of their songs.WAMI as a CMO has the right to collect license fees from the Users.

Q : Who are eligible to become the member of WAMI?

A : Composer who is not a member to another Collective Management Organization.

Q : Do I have to pay to the member of WAMI?

A : No, you do not.

Q : What are the requirements to become a member of WAMI?

A : Here all the requirements :

    For Composser

  1. Fill in the Registration Form
  2. Attach the letter of Authority for Copyright Music
  3. Fill in the Registration Form of Copyright Music
  4. Attach a Resignation Letter with other CMO or similiar organization (if you ever became a member of other CMO’s)
  5. At least have 3(three) published songs
  6. Two copies of ID
  7. Album cover or written evidence of your Music
  8. Two pieces of photograph (3cm x 4cm)
  9. Written statement from music publisher (if any).
  10. For Publisher

  11. Copy of ID
  12. Copy of NPWP
  13. Copy of SIUP(Surat Ijin Usaha Umum / KLU 7490)
  14. TDP and Domicile
  15. List of songs(min 25 songs)

Q : How do i register my songs are played on the radio?

A : You can register your songs through our website www.wami.id, or you can call us and we will happy to assist you

Q : Do i need to inform WAMI when my songs are played on the radio?

A : Yes,you do. It will help the royalty collection.

Q : Does WAMI offers insurances?

A : No.

Q : What if i have further questions?

A : Please contact us directly through phone or send e-mail.